Why Your Blockchain Startup Needs to Select Web Hosting Precisely

Paul V.
July 10, 2019

The popularity of blockchain technology has continued to increase over the last decade.  The benefits of decentralization have led to the emergence of many startups that are building blockchain-based applications for various industries. The social media, e-commerce, advertisement, transportation, and many other industries are leveraging blockchain technology to improve their processes.  Although startups using the blockchain technology stack have lots of complicated work at hand, it is essential to set the foundation right. They all need an excellent hosting plan that will serve their objectives.

Although all businesses need a website, blockchain startups have peculiar requirements. Blockchain startups market complicated concepts that depend on funding from investors that believe in their project.  As a result, the users of the proposed novel platforms, funders, and developers need a location where they can post and access information. Vital elements of the startup business such as White paper, roadmap, revenue concept, and developers’ team should be easily accessible on the website.

Web Hosting for Blockchain Startup Sites

Service uptime is critical to the success of any online business, and the blockchain startups are not different. It is crucial that the website is accessible at all times and without glitches. A company such as a blockchain startup cannot afford to use slow loading servers or unreliable hosting that crashes intermittently when users are on the site. Imagine how a prospective investor will feel when he realizes that a so-called tech startup cannot get their website working properly.

A stable website is one of the most essential things a tech startup must have, and this largely depends on the web hosting service you choose. A reliable hosting will not show anomalous 404 error pages, and their technical support team must be available through multiple support channels, around the clock.

Here are some of the features you should look out for in a web hosting service.

  1. Security – Since your website hosts vital information about your business, including financial details, the security of your site is one of the most critical factors. Your hosting provider must guaranty the security of their servers.
  2. Reliability – Your site is online because you want the world to see it.  Your hosting service must be online around the clock, and should not slow down or crash when a few hundreds of visitors are online.
  3. Ease of access – It is essential to know that complicated technologies make use of user-friendly interfaces. Your web hosting should not require rocket science to set it up and manage it.
  4. Tech Support – Technical support is vital for any technology-related project. The support service of your web hosting provider must be online 24/7. Moreover, they should offer multiple support channels such as telephone, live chat, and ticketing system. You cannot afford to waste precious time waiting for technical support to be available.

Is Blockchain and Web Hosting the same thing?

Blockchain and Web Hosting are not the same. The blockchain application takes the form of a digital ledger that is secure and unchangeable. It can save records of anything that has a value. However, it only exists in the virtual world as software that runs on special machines called crypto miners.

On the other hand, web hosting is made up of server machines, blazing fast networks, web server application, and many more. The web hosting service allows you to store your website files, edit them when required, create applications, and make them accessible to people around the world.  So, both of these technologies are quite different.

However, because blockchain has to be active at all times, it uses up a vast amount of server resources. Although it may be possible to host a site on the blockchain, it will be costly. These cryptocurrency miners use up lots of energy, using them to power network of websites will be unreasonably expensive.

In the words of Donat Vatoci, a blockchain expert, “Blockchain is a ledger technology, immutable, anonymous, decentralized. It has no connection to web hosting.”

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