How to use Windows VPS for Internet Marketing

Paul V.
May 14, 2016

In today’s world, internet marketing has become one of the many ways people can earn living from the comfort of their homes. However a great deal of time and effort goes into ensuring your website or project is bringing you money and not just wasting your time. One of the ways you can do this is to have it hosted by a Cloud Server. Many people go for classic servers when they are starting but as your website grows you realize you need more from your host than you are getting. This is where a virtual private server comes in.

With Windows VPS you will enjoy greater features and have more flexibility. Here are just a few of the ways Windows VPS helps you in internet marketing.


Internet marketing requires one to use SEO tools and several programs at the same time. While this is mostly impossible in your home computer,you can do it using Windows VPS. This server allows you to run several software with great speed hence saving you time.


The big idea of internet marketing is convenience. You get to earn money from home and still do other things. With Windows VPS this concept is even better because you can leave your software running the whole day while you are not there. The idea is to automate everything and let the server work for you. Windows VPS ensures that your work continues and your softwares are still running even when your internet or power goes down.


Unlike other cloud servers companies where you have no real control over your VPS, our Cloud VPS allows you to customize your server the way you want. Depending on how much you are willing to spend you can change anything from your IP to your memory. Generally you have full control over your VPS and you can even have multiple users, install any OS you want automatically and even change passwords as you like.


Like everything else done online, internet marketing is vulnerable to hacking and spam. ShapeHost provides secure data hosting with dedicated malware team and firewall to keep your data safe. Your emails are secured with great passwords and their security is tested daily by the 24/7 administrators. We also have daily backup in case you ever need to access your past data.

Unlimited Access

Like most cloud servers you can access your server from anywhere if you have the right IP address and password. However Windows VPS has the extra advantage of being available in 14 strategic countries and this means you have access to your server from just about anywhere in the a plus this server can connect from Mac, Android, Chrome Browser and many other devices.


ShapeHost uses top notch hardware in performance and reliability. If you are a big organization or you run a demanding site, you will require hardware that can handle that. Windows VPS is run on the best of the best and a team of dedicated technicians is always on standby in case of any problem.


Being in online marketing, you will require having a web host at some point of your business. Windows VPS may seem a bit pricy when you are new in the business but you will slowly realize that the extra cost is totally worth it due to the many features you get. This host allows you to make weekly payments or as you see fit and they keep all their packages as affordable as possible.


With every good online business, quality resources and features are needed to get maximum benefits. Since your site is basically your whole business it must be impressive and must perform above average. Windows VPS will enable your website to run extremely fast and load all your applications concurrently. It also gives you unlimited emails making sure communication runs smoothly throughout. This will leave your visitors satisfied and this will be good business for you.

Conclusion: Why to get Windows VPS that works for Internet Marketing?

It doesn’t matter whether one is good in technical staff or not, Windows VPS is simple to use on your personal computer. A very patient customer service team is always ready to walk you through the entire process until you are set to go or you can check our free video tutorials here.

We have a large number of Windows VPS machines you can choose from. Check our Windows VPS page, or our Cloud VPS plans. You can install Windows and benefit from the SSD power, if you choose Cloud VPS.

Don’t forget, you can use Windows VPS just like you use your personal PC. If you need to run multiple SEO Tools or other softwares, you can do that. Or if you want to setup a web server to host your websites, it also works on a Windows VPS. The options are endless.

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