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This is the VPS provider im using for more than 6 months now and never had a problem.
The price is cheap , the support is good and I definitely recommend it to all who want a stable VPS.


Very powerfull machines, I’m using this service for more than 6 months, + 6 vps’s and I can say I’m very happy. The support is also good and fast, they always solved my tickets on less than 12 hours


I bought appox. 1 month ago vps rectangle. Until now I have no problem and very satisfied.
I hope you will continue with the same quality! It looks this guy know his job. Have a great day!


Hi,I placed an order for VPS Square plan yesterday and got the VPS setup in less than in an hour. I already had a VPS with some other provider having SSD but this one is way better than the previous one in every aspect. I am a very lazy person when it comes to setting up everything again and again, so I was a bit confused at first whether I should get a VPS from OP or not, but now after the purchase I am really happy with the performance and it was worth it. “Never Settle” .Overall, the service is really good and cheaper than the competitors out there. Support is excellent too , Darius is always online on skype and he checked up on me several times to ask if everything was fine with the VPS I ordered. Definitely, worth a try. P.S.-I am in no way associated with them, if you’re still confused about the service, give it a try yourself. Thanks for the awesome service OP and good luck with sales.


I am really satisfied with the VPS, it’s fast and overall a great deal. I’m glad I made the switch because the last one I had was down all the time. This one is more than twice as fast internet speed wise and because I got the deal it’s also half as cheap!


Hey guys!! I’ve been using their VPS for almost one month and never had a downtime or problems that I encountered with other VPS providers. Their support is great too! I highly recommend to anyone that needs a fast VPS.


I’ve been using Shapehost for months: the quality is really good, high speed and the VPS never been down in months. Support is great, I usually get an answer within a few hours. And the price is good for the service you get.


UPDATE – got a vps from these guys a few days ago, I must say I am impressed with the high speed and quality. VPS is lightning fast, set up my tool with hundreds of accounts and it’s running smoothly and without any problems. Check out these amazing results :

Download – 942.07Mb/s
Upload – 703.74Mb/s

Not to mention the amazing low prices, definitely recommended for anyone looking for a vps for their tools.


I’m using their vps for more than 6 months. It has never been down.Price is very good and it is worth all the money Support is great and tickets are responded very promptly. You’ll never regret getting one of their services.


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