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Renewed for the second month. ShapeHost is EXCELLENT to say the least.


 Just got my server the other day Darius! Elite speeds you have here! I’ll leave a full review after my first month’s service with you guys. Currently transferring data from my other server. What a freaking pain this is… I’m really hoping I’ll never have to do this again with you guys. Cheers!


Will buy very soon another VPS!
Shape.HOST vps are extremely stable and fast!
i’ve been with VPS Square+ for 2 months and im super satisfied.


My VPS has a brilliant performance!
On top of that, the support is super fast, friendly and able to help!
Perfect! Thanks!


This was my first experience with a VPS. I first ordered one two and a half weeks ago and just subscribed for a second one through them. So far speeds have been very fast and there hasn’t been any downtime. I’ve used the chat feature on their site and they have always been there to answer my questions. Not to mention the prices are the best I’ve seen. Very pleased!


I was one of the last ones to get the VPS Rectangle package at $35. Great price for the features included. It has only been a few days but so far I’m impressed with the speed and the cpu power. I’ll wait a few more weeks and write a more thorough review. So far so good.


I ordered one of your rectangle VPS earlier today and it was delivered really quickly. I never leave feedback before actually trying the server but the price is incredible and they have a lot of locations to choose from. So far I am impressed


Time to REVIEW:

I had some time to test their servers.I ordered 2 circle VPS when they launched here.One linux and one windows. The servers they are very nice and fast.When i received my windows VPS i was thinking that it is in the room next to me.But it is in Canada and i am in Europe.So it is fast.
I used to have problems with the website when i have a lot of visitors,at the moment i am not getting that rush,so i can’t comment on that one,but so far it is good.
The config that we are talking about is 6 x 3.2 GHz CPU and 16GB RAM.The RAM will never use it,it all depends on the CPU.

The servers are good,powerful and for this price it is very unlikely that you will find deal like this.


For the benefit of any other members, I ordered one of the VPS Rectangles and can confirm that the setup and support were great (despite me missing a quarterly payment step during the order process). The server has all the RAM specified and performs well. Connecting remotely was a breeze.

Now that the initial stuff is out the way I couldn’t be happier!


OK, After a week more or less, my vouch to you is here!
-Great response time in chat&Tickets.
-Great speeds.
-Great Server CPU.
-Great prices.

i give it 10\10!
i really liked your hosting mate good luck!
just ordering web hosting now to test it too!


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