ShapeHost Cloud VPS Features

Paul V.
May 2, 2016

ShapeHost Cloud VPS is a newly launched a program that aims to provide the best cloud hosting service, complete with dozens of advanced features. Based on SSD technology, ShapeHost offers its users total control over the resources of their website and amazing support whenever needed.

People who are subscribing to ShapeHost will be able to create Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on their Windows and Linux systems in the fastest way possible and with optimum security.

What sets apart cloud VPS technology from standard VPS is the fact that the user can use Cloud to create their personalized VPS configuration quickly, reset their password, install any OS directly through the help of ISO files uploaded on service database, and many other things.

Since ShapeHost Cloud VPS is based on SSD, a website will perform three times faster than sites based on standard HDDs. This feature eliminates any chance of having to wait to gain access to any feature. It also significantly reduces bottlenecking caused by numerous web applications or storing an exhaustive information base.

The user will receive unmatched control over scalability of resources as the will be able to modify the processing power by altering the number of active cores. They will also be able to increase or decrease dedicated RAM, adjust storage space according to their requirements, and all this within just a matter of few minutes.

The user will be able to modify their experience and make their websites handle a tremendous amount of load without having to go through any anomalies or disruptions. These amazing features of customizability are what the company is marketing to stay ahead of its competitors.

ShapeHost Cloud VPS lets the user take control of practically any aspect of their site, exactly in the way they want. From accessing the road configuration to customizing the control panel for better accessibility, there is no lack of features offered by usthat would make anyone turn away and go looking somewhere else.

Powered by Cloud VPS, this service grants the users an enormous amount of flexibility and freedom that they wouldn’t otherwise receive on standard VPS services. cloud flexibilityThis is precisely the reason many people have switched over to Cloud VPS due to the greater level of control in all possible aspects of their site.

This service also offers Automatic failure recovery that eliminates any downtime that may be caused by a shortage of power, practical errors, malfunction of hardware, poor Internet quality, and even natural disasters. The user does not have to wait the after day for a technician to arrive and manually repair hardware for the systems to come back online to take the website live once again.

This is a lifesaver for those running highly significant and commercial sites and cannot afford to lose business due to any reasons of downtime.

Security is another aspect that ShapeHost doesn’t take lightly as we believe our reputation is based on the satisfaction of the clients. This Cloud hosting provider has the best team of security experts and data operator staff, who work relentlessly to ensure that the safety and security of their customers are never compromised for whatever reason.

Cloud hosting offers better levels of security than standard VPS hosting, but ShapeHost Cloud takes things up a notch and brings its user’s unique guide and support for all their problems through a 24/7 helpline. With did our best to make sure no client is unsatisfied with any aspect of their services.

ShapeHost Cloud services available throughout Europe and North America. The company offers their customers an option to make weekly payments for their convenience, provide support for both Windows and Linux-based systems, and enables operation of more than one machine.

All these features are incredibly easy to use, and no technical skills are needed for their smooth and efficient operation. 

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