GPU VPS launching soon!

Paul V.
September 7, 2016

GPU VPS is coming soon! In a few weeks you can order a beast VPS that can do anything from 4k video editing to 4k gaming.

The sale of GPU VPS is not live yet. You can pre-order by contacting us or joining our waiting list.

The M60 is part of the NVIDIA server range for professionals. It was specifically designed for virtualisation and uses NVIDIA GRID technology to allow up to 32 concurrent users to share the graphics card resources!

The Nvidia M60 card enables the deployment of virtualised infrastructures, boasting graphics acceleration to meet the needs of advanced users (designers/graphic designers/ engineers). It provides the flexibility of virtualised desktops (VDI), while still offering the graphics power required to run 3D applications (DirectX/OpenGL).

  • Dual GPU design (Two Maxwell GPUs)
  • 4096 CUDA cores
  • DDR5 16 GB
  • 320 Gbps max bandwidth

Click here if you want to join our waiting list.

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