Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of various questions & answers that could clarify some things for you.

Can I get a refund if for some reason I don’t want to keep using the VPS?

A: Yes, you have 7 Days to ask for a refund if we don’t deliver what you ordered. We are sure you will love our VPS though!

The price that I pay now walways keep the same?

A: Yes, without a doubt. The price that you pay now with the discount will always be the same. Unless you upgrade.

How can I connect to my VPS?

A: It’s very, very easy. We provide you an IP, username and password. You can use Remote Desktop Connection, any Windows has that. There are other solutions for different OS (Mac, Linux) as well.

Where are the servers located?

A: We currently have 11 different locations across Europe. You can check all of them when you choose to order a VPS plan.

Is my VPS managed or administrated?

A: YES! We offer you VPS administration, meaning that we will help you with any issue you encounter.

How long will it take for my VPS to be fully setup?

After the payment, you will have your custom VPS setup in less than one hour.

Can I have more IPs or a custom hardware setup?

A: Yes, you can have more dedicated IPs and you can customize the RAM, Storage, CPU and more!

Can I order a shared hosting plan without a VPS?

A: Of course. We have a separate page ONLY for shared hosting. We have a great offer there, for only $11 you can get unlimited EVERYTHING and 1 dedicated IP. With the coupon code it’s even cheaper!

How do you treat support tickets?

Basic service level up to 12 hours – Default Support Level Providing Minimal Support.
Business service level up to 4 hours – Adapted To The Professional Use Of An Server.
Critical service level up to one hour – In Case Of Critical Use (Database, E-commerce)

What payment methods do you have?

A: We currently accept Paypal and any major Credit Card, with the help of 2checkout.

Do I need to have technical skills?

No, you don’t any technical skills only if you want to create complex web servers or other type of services. But if you get Linux VPS, it is very simple to use it. We have some video tutorials that you can find on the blog.

Can I really create multiple machines?

Yes, of course. This is not a marketing glitch. You can install multiple operating systems and therefore have multiple VPS servers. Let’s say you buy 200 SSD Storage, 8 GB RAM and 4 CPUs. From this configuration you can either create one VPS or divide those resources in two and you have two VPS servers. Or you divide the resources by 4 and you get 4 VPS servers.

Can I install any software I want?

As long as it is not an illegal software and it doesn’t damage our servers, you can install what you want.

Can I cancel the service when I want?

Yes, you can cancel the service anytime. You are not obligated to pay for more than one month in advance, so you can stop using our service when you want.

Do I have full control? Can I reinstall my OS? Can I reboot it?

The answer is “Yes” for every questions related to the control of the VPS. You can reinstall any OS we have or you can install from a ISO file and you can reboot your VPS anytime you want.

When will I get my Linux SSD VPS?

The delivery is usually within a couple of minutes. Sometimes it takes longer due to payment verification.

How can I add hardware resources?

You can add resources or remove them any time you want. Just use the “scale” option to change your VPS resources

What is the difference between Linux SSD VPS and Classic VPS?

Linux SSD VPS has fast deployment, Create your VPS configuration, SSD Storage, Password Reset, Reinstall with any OS we have or install from ISO what you want, VNC, RDP. And you can even make weekly payments if you only want to test some configurations.

Do I have full control? Can I see all the details on my account?

The answer is “Yes” for every questions related to the control of the VPS, if the VPS is based on Cloud. If you have Classic VPS you only have few options.

I can’t login. What can I do?

First, make sure to check both login pages in case you forgot what service do you have. If you still can’t login, please contact us.

Why there are two different login buttons?

There are more reasons for this, but one of the main reason is that our Cloud Environment is located on other servers, and there are different features. Classic Services also uses different APIs and details, so there must be a specific login for the different services.

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