Christmas is coming soon, here are our best offers for you.

    Christmas is coming soon and we have great offers for you. There are a few offers that will be available ONLY this month, so make sure you get one if you want a bigger discount.

    Coupon code: 50OFFLIMITED – 50% DISCOUNT to all of our SSD VPS machines
    Using this coupon code you can get any of our SSD VPS machines, being Linux or Windows with 50% discount if you are choosing to pay for one year instead of one month.

    Coupon code: LIFETIMEWH – Hosting with Dedicated IP – $99 instead of $399
    Get our lifetime offer* for the Shape Circle Web Hosting Plan. You save more than $300 by using this offer available only in December. Pay $99 instead of $399. *Lifetime is for 10 years.

    Coupon code: LIMITEDSSD20OFF – 20% DISCOUNT First Month Only for all our SSD VPS
    Using the coupon code above you can get 20% DISCOUNT for the first month for any SSD VPS you buy. It can be Windows or Linux, the coupon is available for every SSD service.

    Coupon code: LIMITEDSSD15 – 15% DISCOUNT Recurring for the plans below.
    This coupon code is available for Triangle Square, Square Plus, Rectangle, Rectangle Plus (ONLY SSD). It works for both Windows & Linux and it is recurring.

    To see all our other promotions and discounts please visit our Promotions Page:

    These offers are available to all our current clients and to all new future clients.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

    GPU VPS launching soon!

    GPU VPS is coming soon! In a few weeks you can order a beast VPS that can do anything from 4k video editing to 4k gaming.

    The sale of GPU VPS is not live yet. You can pre-order by contacting us or joining our waiting list.

    The M60 is part of the NVIDIA server range for professionals. It was specifically designed for virtualisation and uses NVIDIA GRID technology to allow up to 32 concurrent users to share the graphics card resources!

    The Nvidia M60 card enables the deployment of virtualised infrastructures, boasting graphics acceleration to meet the needs of advanced users (designers/graphic designers/ engineers). It provides the flexibility of virtualised desktops (VDI), while still offering the graphics power required to run 3D applications (DirectX/OpenGL).

    • Dual GPU design (Two Maxwell GPUs)
    • 4096 CUDA cores
    • DDR5 16 GB
    • 320 Gbps max bandwidth

    Click here if you want to join our waiting list.

    Free VPS Competition Starting Soon – Cloud & SSD

    Our first Free VPS competition has ended this weekend. The three winners of the Free VPS are announced here. The competition ran for 2 weeks and we had thousands of entries. Most of the people entered valid entries, while we had to delete many entries due to spam. The last contest was a success so we’ve decided to start another one in the future. The prizes will be announced when the competition starts.

    This is your chance to get a FREE VPS for 1 Year on Cloud and with SSD. You can do whatever you want with the VPS you win, as long as it is legal.

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    Free VPS – SSD VPS – Get it for 1 YEAR

    Free VPS

    ShapeHost has an awesome competition running where all users can apply. The main reason of the competition is to spread the word about our ShapeHost services and for that you can get one of the three prizes we have. Here they are:

    1. 1. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 1 YEAR

    2. 2. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 6 MONTHS

    3. 3. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 1 MONTH

    In order to be the winner of the VPS, you must do as many entries as possible. The more tasks you complete, the better chances you have toget the VPS for 1 YEAR.

    Don’t forget, the first 3 positions will get the Cloud VPS. 

    At the end of the competitions, the winners will be announced here and on our Facebook.

    Click here for FREE VPS

    ShapeHost Cloud VPS Features

    ShapeHost Cloud VPS is a newly launched a program that aims to provide the best cloud hosting service, complete with dozens of advanced features. Based on SSD technology, ShapeHost offers its users total control over the resources of their website and amazing support whenever needed.

    People who are subscribing to ShapeHost will be able to create Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on their Windows and Linux systems in the fastest way possible and with optimum security.

    What sets apart cloud VPS technology from standard VPS is the fact that the user can use Cloud to create their personalized VPS configuration quickly, reset their password, install any OS directly through the help of ISO files uploaded on service database, and many other things.

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