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    Christmas is coming soon, here are our best offers for you.

    Christmas is coming soon and we have great offers for you. There are a few offers that will be available ONLY this month, so make sure you get one if you want a bigger discount.

    Coupon code: 50OFFLIMITED – 50% DISCOUNT to all of our SSD VPS machines
    Using this coupon code you can get any of our SSD VPS machines, being Linux or Windows with 50% discount if you are choosing to pay for one year instead of one month.

    Coupon code: LIFETIMEWH – Hosting with Dedicated IP – $99 instead of $399
    Get our lifetime offer* for the Shape Circle Web Hosting Plan. You save more than $300 by using this offer available only in December. Pay $99 instead of $399. *Lifetime is for 10 years.

    Coupon code: LIMITEDSSD20OFF – 20% DISCOUNT First Month Only for all our SSD VPS
    Using the coupon code above you can get 20% DISCOUNT for the first month for any SSD VPS you buy. It can be Windows or Linux, the coupon is available for every SSD service.

    Coupon code: LIMITEDSSD15 – 15% DISCOUNT Recurring for the plans below.
    This coupon code is available for Triangle Square, Square Plus, Rectangle, Rectangle Plus (ONLY SSD). It works for both Windows & Linux and it is recurring.

    To see all our other promotions and discounts please visit our Promotions Page:

    These offers are available to all our current clients and to all new future clients.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

    Mining Zcash Using a Windows VPS Just Got Easier!

    Few days after Zcash was launched, the price of 1 ZEC (Zcash) was more than $1000.

    Zcash’s developers say they have used advanced cryptography to create a virtual currency that can be sent around the world essentially without a trace, unlike Bitcoin.

    Given the massive highs observed in the markets, it may be an understatement to say that Zcash prices have calmed. The currency pair’s fluctuations have become far less severe since its launch, with ZEC/BTC fluctuating between 0.81 BTC and 2.82 BTC on 1st November.

    Petar Zivkovkski, director of operations for leveraged bitcoin trading platform Whaleclub:

    “Early miners and holders are keen to distribute (sell) their Zcash in exchange for bitcoin to capitalize on the high prices,” he said.

    Zcash developer, Mr. Green, said the following things regarding the new virtual curency:

    “You are going around on the Bitcoin blockchain leaving a trail of everything you do, which will last forever,” he said. “The idea of Zcash is you don’t have to go to special lengths to achieve privacy — privacy is baked into the system.”

    Why to use a Windows VPS or Linux VPS for mining Zcash

    To start mining even for 1 single ZEC, it needs some special features that you can’t find on a day-to-day computer. There are some technical specifications such as high CPU, high RAM and a powerful graphics card.

    For mining, it takes days, so you won’t be able to use a personal PC to get the best results. If you really want fast results, you must use a PC or a server to run 24/7.

    Use a optimized Windows VPS/Linux VPS for mining Zcash (ZEC)

    Shapehost has a large number of Windows VPS that is optimized for mining Zcash. You can find our Windows VPS SSD plans by clicking here. Also, our Linux VPS SSD are now especially made to run optimized Ubuntu for mining Zcash. You can find our Linux plans here.

    Not every VPS work good for such a heavy duty task. Make sure to check the features of the VPS before purchasing from some random VPS company. We recommend using Windows VPS SSD Rectangle for the best performance. If your budget allows, you can puchase something with more features than Rectangle.

    ShapeHost did hundreds of tests to get the most out of mining. We’ve changed some hardware just to make sure that mining for a ZEC won’t take forever.

    Start mining today and make a living out of Zcash!

    GPU VPS launching soon!

    GPU VPS is coming soon! In a few weeks you can order a beast VPS that can do anything from 4k video editing to 4k gaming.

    The sale of GPU VPS is not live yet. You can pre-order by contacting us or joining our waiting list.

    The M60 is part of the NVIDIA server range for professionals. It was specifically designed for virtualisation and uses NVIDIA GRID technology to allow up to 32 concurrent users to share the graphics card resources!

    The Nvidia M60 card enables the deployment of virtualised infrastructures, boasting graphics acceleration to meet the needs of advanced users (designers/graphic designers/ engineers). It provides the flexibility of virtualised desktops (VDI), while still offering the graphics power required to run 3D applications (DirectX/OpenGL).

    • Dual GPU design (Two Maxwell GPUs)
    • 4096 CUDA cores
    • DDR5 16 GB
    • 320 Gbps max bandwidth

    Click here if you want to join our waiting list.

    How To Pick And Choose The Best Web Hosting Companies

    Designing a good website takes up a lot of time and energy. Coming up with an appropriate domain name is even more challenging. You can consider yourself lucky if the domain name you choose was available.

    The last frontier is getting good web hosting. This is perhaps the most important decision you will make about your website because if you want bad hosting, all your hard work will go to waste.

    Looking for a good web hosting company can prove to be difficult if you’re relatively new to the business. There are a few guidelines and tips which will help you search out the best web hosting site out there. Firstly, go online and do thorough researching on which company is the best.

    User reviews are important

    Read user reviews and find specifications offered by different companies. Compare the best companies to find the right company for you. There are even ratings available which rate different hosting companies. This will give you a fair idea of which companies are leading the industry.

    Remember not to go for cheap hosting companies. Their offer may seem attractive at first, but such packages cause a lot of problems in the future. They also have plenty of hidden costs which drive the overall costs up at the end of the month. The service that servers offer will also be compromised in cheap hosting. If you have a limited budget, you can try shared hosting which is relatively more inexpensive but offers excellent service. If budget is not an issue, then the options are endless. You could go for Linux VPS or cloud hosting which is much more efficient than conventional hosting. Shared hosting with dedicated IP is also an option in which you get an entire server to yourself and thus more space to work with.

    Look for the uptime and customer support

    When you go looking for a good hosting company, check that they offer maximum uptime. All good companies will offer at least 99.9% up time. With cloud hosting, you could even get 100% up time. Uptime guarantee ensures that you website will never be down and thus will be accessible to everyone on the web all the time. You should also decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend on your hosting package. If you have a budget in mind, you will find it easier to take action on an appropriate hosting package. Good companies also offer the money-back guarantee. If you don’t like their service after trying it, you should be able to return it and look for some other company.

    web hosting speed

    There is no doubt that you will experience problems with your website which would need quick fixing. For such scenarios, you would need customer support service. All good web hosting companies offer excellent customer support service which is both rapid and reliable. No matter when you experience a problem, the support service should be there to answer your queries. The faster the customer support service, the quicker your problems will be solved. The website needs to be online all the time, and thus problems should be fixed quickly. Drop them an email or two to check how long they take to respond.

    Every website owner wants to join one of the best web hosting sites, but a few website owners know how to find the best host out of some hosting firms available on the web. There are many hosting firms, and more firms are waiting to be launched. In this situation, you might find it difficult to choose your web host. But there is always an easy way for doing such difficult things.

    Web Hosting Review Websites

    There are web hosting review portals that give a fair and impartial comparison between different web hosting websites. You can find a portal and see which hosting sites are more popular than others. Also find why these web hosts are popular. A portal would give many options so that you can choose the host that suits best to needs and fits into your pocket.

    Searching the best web hosting sites with the help of web host review portals is an ideal way to find right host for your website. If you are not satisfied with the comparison provided by the portals, then you can make the comparison between various hosting firms on your own. Taking clues from the review portals, you can compare different hosting firms and locate one that is suitable for your website.

    If you are going for the second option then first you need to set your web hosting basics right. You should have a sound knowledge on this subject and also you should know your requirements. Web hosting companies offer many services, but you might not need all the services. Tick off the hosting services, you find useless and go with the web host that is ready to customize its hosting plan to suit your needs.

    Another way to find best web hosting sites is reading their reviews. Locate a reliable web hosting review website and read users’ reviews of different hosting firms. The feedbacks would tell you which firm website owners like most and why? But you should first make sure that the review website has genuine reviews authored by the website owners and not by the web hosting companies.

    There are thousands of web hosting companies — the services that essentially connect your site to the internet. So how does an entrepreneur choose the one that’s right for his or her business?

    To ensure that your hosting company supports your business needs and doesn’t create unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success, you first need to understand the major types of hosting. Then, consider some basic criteria to help choose the best plan for you.

    Source here.

    Choosing the best web host is not a difficult task

    If you can remember most of these tips as you’re shopping for the best hosting provider for beginners, you’ll end up with a good selection that you can be happy with. Pricing between hosting companies can be pretty aggressive, so you should also be able to save some money too. Enjoy the learning experience, and before long you, too, will be joining millions of other people on the World Wide Web.

    The number of best web hosting sites keeps changing from one review site to another. Some say that there are only eight best web hosts, while others include more companies to their lists. You should get as many options as you can so that you can make a better choice. Using both the ways – visiting web hosting review portals and reading web host reviews – would help.

    Free VPS Competition Starting Soon – Cloud & SSD

    Our first Free VPS competition has ended this weekend. The three winners of the Free VPS are announced here. The competition ran for 2 weeks and we had thousands of entries. Most of the people entered valid entries, while we had to delete many entries due to spam. The last contest was a success so we’ve decided to start another one in the future. The prizes will be announced when the competition starts.

    This is your chance to get a FREE VPS for 1 Year on Cloud and with SSD. You can do whatever you want with the VPS you win, as long as it is legal.

    Read more

    Free VPS – SSD VPS – Get it for 1 YEAR

    Free VPS

    ShapeHost has an awesome competition running where all users can apply. The main reason of the competition is to spread the word about our ShapeHost services and for that you can get one of the three prizes we have. Here they are:

    1. 1. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 1 YEAR

    2. 2. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 6 MONTHS

    3. 3. Cloud Rectangle VPS SSD – FREE for 1 MONTH

    In order to be the winner of the VPS, you must do as many entries as possible. The more tasks you complete, the better chances you have toget the VPS for 1 YEAR.

    Don’t forget, the first 3 positions will get the Cloud VPS. 

    At the end of the competitions, the winners will be announced here and on our Facebook.

    Click here for FREE VPS

    Why You Should Get Linux VPS Instead Of Shared Hosting

    Choosing the appropriate host for your blog or online business isn’t a menial task. It is perfectly okay if you feel overwhelmed or confused by the blown out battle of Linux VPS vs Shared Hosting. There are numerous hosting options and this doesn’t make the decision making process for the right webhost any easier.

    This article provides all the information you need to know in order to make the right decision when choosing between a virtual private server (VPS) hosting and shared hosting.

    Read more