Advantages of Cloud VPS over Classic VPS

Paul V.
April 23, 2016

Many business owners face the daunting task of choosing a reliable hosting package while launching their website. A secure virtual private server can significantly benefit your business, but only when you choose the right hosting option under VPS plans. Leaving aside shared hosting, you are left to choose between Traditional VPS and Cloud VPS, both of them being attractive options in their own way.

But what kind of VPS hosting do you need to make the most of your investment? The answer is, of course, cloud vps as it represents the next generation technology for web hosting.

Why choose Cloud VPS over Classic VPS?

The Cloud infrastructure presents unparalleled scalability that would allow you to modify the power of your CPU by multiple cores and increase RAM allotted to your website in an instant. Cloud technology makes your site self-sufficient in a virtual environment as all the resources are dedicated to your website alone.

You are exposed to unlimited resources which are capable of handling enormous amounts of load without experiencing any disruption. Cloud VPS is also the most reasonable choice because you are getting better customization features and performance at a lower price than traditional VPS for Windows and Linux systems.

Advantages of Cloud VPS


If your website was based on standard VPS and you wanted to increase RAM or CPU performance, the entire process would involve a technician manually replacing the server CPU or migrating your website to a new configuration. This process may take a couple of hours to several days to complete. Unlike standard vps, the ease of scalability is high in Cloud VPS, meaning that you can modify the amount of dedicated resources that are available for your website within just a few minutes.

SSD storage

A cloud environment has exceptionally fast disk performance thanks to SSD hard drives. SSDs are about three times quicker than the regular HDDs used in standard hosting services. This practically eliminates any wait time and bottlenecks from a website that has a large number of web applications installed or has an exhaustive database.

Full customization

Cloud hosting gives you the option of customizing any feature of your site, precisely the way you want. If you require root access, want to install your own Operating System or custom control panel, count on this cloud service to lead the way. You have complete freedom with Cloud, which would have been limited in case your website was based on standard VPS.

Automatic failure recovery

Who doesn’t want their site to be available all the time? But unfortunately, outages are a reality, and it takes place more often than people realize. Unlike standard VPS, Cloud hosting protects your website against outage caused by a hardware malfunction, natural disasters, shortage of power, human errors, or poor Internet connection quality. You can say goodbye to any downtime once you’re on Cloud because this is the technology of the future and it’s here to stay.

Advanced security

Cloud hosting providers strive to provide the best security available by employing highly skilled data operator staff and advanced data protection measures in their centers. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, it was revealed that companies having their websites on Cloud spent an estimated 32% less time every week in the management of security. This is obviously because of the heightened security measures employed by Cloud hosting companies.


There’s no business owner in the world who doesn’t want to save money. Through Cloud hosting, it is indeed possible to make great savings because of the flexibility in payment that the plans offer. In Cloud hosting, you only have to pay for the amount of space used whereas in standard VPS hosting you are required to pay a price for a predetermined space, which cannot be altered later on. You can scale down resources dedicated to your website on Cloud wherever you want, and save money in the process.

Why choose Flexible Cloud Solution?

If you want to avail all the advantages mentioned above and more, go for Flexible Cloud Solution for both Windows and Linux. No technical skills are necessary when you are on ShapeHost Cloud VPS as this service provides you with every possible user-friendly feature to accomplish tasks of various degrees of complexity. With Flexible Cloud Solution, you will be getting advantages that are not offered by any other VPS service provider.

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