About Web Hosting, and Managed vs Unmanaged VPS

Paul V.
May 23, 2019

Web Hosting

Website is a collection of the related web sources which gathers a lot of information regarding specific things. Moreover website is a huge resource of business as we deal with commercial websites on daily basis e.g. Amazon, google etc.

Web hosting is a service to make website live or to able to access by the user over the internet by the web hosting service provider that holds better technology to view your website over the internet.

Database of web-hosting is stored over the special computers called ‘servers’ that are much powerful than a normal computer. That allows someone to visit the website by just typing the name of website on browser and all traffic maintained by the servers. These web pages accessed and transported over the Hypertext transfer protocol with extension of subscription to avoid any devil activity. Domain name is must in order to host them.

Web hosting service providers provides many services, some of them are given below.

Database is a valuable service that keeps your gathered data saved and secure in a well-mannered way.

E-mail accounts handled by the web hosting service providers so that emails could be gather on shared hard drive.

FTP access is to transfer the files from your personal computer to the web server in order to extend your website information according to need.

Above mentioned services are provided by the service providers which are some of many services.


Types of Hosting

As far as the web hosting link is concerned it has many types according to the different website programming as every website functionalities are not same. Some of them are as follows.

Share hosting is a solution to utilize the shared hosting in order to save money but that involves some security risk.

VPS hosting stands for virtual private server that act like a middle man in dedicated links that is more territorial.

Dedicated hosting provides whole server for self-use which is ideal for the large businesses.


Features of Web Hosting 


 Key Features of Web hosting

Control panel features

Control panel feature provides the GUI to manage your website like adding the context, managing domains and protecting directories and more.


This one is most important feature by the reliable service provider that means the website should be visible to customer which means the services up-time should b 24/7. 


Security and Privacy

Secure communication such as authorization has big concern. Security tools in web hosting like ‘secure socket layer’, anti-virus protection and firewall protection are helpful in maintaining security.


Managed Vs Unmanaged Web Hosting

Hosting is made up of number of different components and hardware itself.

Managed web hosting means the additional management features added in services like automated backups, malware scanning and removal and statues monitoring and many more.

Unmanaged hosting plan comes with very less services like you may get only simple server with only OS installed that means one needs to install services of your own.

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